Menue- and Wine Suggestions
Wine is Amongst beverages the most useful, amongst medicines the most palatable and amongst foods the most tempting -Plutarch-

There have never been such good wines like today, they are praised and cheered in wine guides and gourmet magazines.

On the market there are plenty of different specialties and each year this selections is enriched with new leading products. Our aim – and the one of our high-qualified testers - is to taste and evaluate these varieties.

Menue Suggestion

A world of delights enriched by good mood, interesting people and inspiring, cheerful talks. This is the formula for the success of Alpenrose. Vitalize your senses through various culinary delights from our kitchen and wine cellar. Any time you want to.

Wine Suggestions

Each year represents a new challenge. It gives us the possibility to learn many new aspects of this art, e.g. about grapes varieties, about the different areas and regions and nonetheless about our selves.
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