Aesthetic spaces: all what your body and your soul desire. Our aim is to improve your relaying moments, permanently!

Enjoy the warmth of our Sauna Center and pamper your body and soul. Typical Lech Valley sauna, stone pine sanarium, 2 infra-red cabins, herbal steambath, brine steambath, wellness showers, ice fountain and much more.




Roman spa

Relax with flair. In our new Roman spa area you will be kidnapped into other worlds.

Herbal steam bath

In our herbal steam bath, herbal extracts are injected into the cabine through a gentle inhalation steam. The radiant heat creates the perfect condition for enjoying this extraordinary spa. Temperature: approx. 45 °C, Air humidity: 90–100 %

Brine steam bath

For this treatment, dissolved see salt is sprayed at regular intervals. By adding pure essential oils (eucalyptus and mint extracts) you can reach an even deeper cleaning and care effect for your whole respiratory tract. Temperature: ca. 42 °C, Air humidity: 90 %

Lech Valley Sauna

Let spoil yourself with the parfume and the athmosphere given by genuine, indigenous wood. Natural aromatic infusions stimulate your circulation and help the purification process. At the same time they take care of your skin and respiratory duct. Temperature: approx. 85–90 °C, Climate dry

Stone Pine Sanarium

Increases your blood circulation, releases muscle tensions and stabilises your body. The additional light therapy represents an ideal complement and is well-known for its positive effect on the human psyche. Temperature: 60°C, Air humidity: 50 - 60 %

Infrared cabin

Infrared radiation is a consolidated popular remedy! Infrarot cabins are usually better tolerated than saunas. Infrared radiation is a well-known remedy to heal numerous pains and disorders. It stimulates your blood circulation and eliminates bacteria and virusis.

Ice fountain

Our ice fountain is the ideal complement to each heat treatment. It consists of rubbing your whole body with finely crushed ice and feeling vitalising prickles. This treatment stimulates your blood circulation and tightens your skin.
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