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Price information
Conditions for Reservation and Accommodation

Arrival and departure

The rooms may be occupied from 2:00 p.m. onwards. Rooms are to be vacated by 11:00 a.m. or 12:00 a.m. with the approval of the reception (10:00 a.m. in the case of the Montana apartments). Arrival must be before 9:00 p.m. Without travel cancellation insurance, we charge 80% of the booked arrangement price in case of later arrival or premature departure.



If you are in receipt of several vouchers or other reductions, the one to the highest value will be accredited to you.

Reservations and confirmation of booking

The only basis of the contract are the details and descriptions of the conditions in the price list that is valid on the day of booking. With your written reservation you enter into a binding contract with us. The reservation is binding after our written confirmation.


Travel cancellation insurance

€ 4.00 per day per full paying guest. € 2.00 per day per guest paying a reduced price. This policy covers all cancellation charges in case of accident, illness or death of the insured person, of his/ her children, brothers and sisters, parents or grand-parents before the beginning of the holiday or during the stay at the Alpenrose Hotel. The premium must be paid within 7 days after conclusion of the contract of accommodation to one of the accounts detailed below.



Room cancellations are only valid in written form. Up to 3 months prior to the arrival there are no cancellation charges. Until at least one month before the agreed day of arrival we charge 40% of the price of the booked arrangement. From 1 month before the beginning of the holiday or in the case of premature departure we charge 80% of the booked arrangement price. We advise you to take out a travel insurance policy that covers cancellation charges.


Tourism tax

This tax is rendered directly by us to the Tourism Association and to the local authority. It amounts to € 1.40 per person per night for all guests over the age of 14. The services provided for within the tourism tax are listed on your guest card.




After your written reservation we ask you to pay a deposit of € 250.00 to one of the bank accounts listed below.

Conditions of payment

The hotel bill is to be paid on the day of departure at the latest. We accept credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, Diners card) as well as Maestro cards. You may settle the bill after receipt of your reservation confirmation either by transfer payment to one of the accounts listed below or by credit card.

Special occupation of double room

If you as a full paying guest occupy a double room alone with your child(ren), we charge the following: Full paying guest: double room price + € 15.00 Children‘s reduction on the double room price according to age


Breakfast served to rooms

Until 10:30 a.m. for a supplement of € 5.00 per person.


Dogs and pets

€ 12.00 per day excluding food. We ask you to bring your own dog blanket with you. Pets are not allowed in the restaurant!


Information and changes

The information given in this price list corresponds to the latest situation and replaces that of any previous publications and programmes. Prices, currency rates and dates remain subject to alteration, as do printing errors. GBP prices are only for information purposes.


Bank connections


Sparkasse Reutte

account holder: Baldauf GmbH / Hotel ALpenrose

IBAN: AT 86 2050 9001 0000 0231



Deutsche Bank - Munich

account holder: Baldauf GmbH / Hotel ALpenrose

IBAN: DE26 7007 0024 0702 2288 00


BTV Staad, (euro account - please transfer in euros)

account holder: Baldauf GmbH / Hotel ALpenrose

IBAN: CH43 0852 5000 SA30 990AB