Wondrous healing power from the natural alpine world.

The manufacture of Alpienne products using raw materials from quality controlled crops guarantee extraordinary quality and healing effects. The extracts are from traditional plants, lovingly processed; high quality, coldpressed oils, natural alcohol from distillates of homegrown fruit and berries, honey and propolis products from the bees of alpine regions form the basis for these new treatments.

Choose from the following beneficial treatments!



€ 89,-

Alpienne "Recreation from Head to Toe"

Duration 80 min.

€ 59,-

Alpienne "Massage for Walker & Hiker"

Duration 35 min.

from € 64,-

Alpienne "Stone Pine Vital Masssage"

Duration 50 or 80 min

€ 85,-

Alpienne "Detox"

Duration 50 min.

€ 59,-

Alpienne "Honey Stone Pine Dream"

Duration 45 min.

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